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The world has set its sights on Belgrade! For a good reason: this landlocked jewel blends timeless tradition and cutting edge cool – and it does it with style. Outspoken, provocative and audacious – Belgrade is by no means a “pretty” capital, but its gritty exuberance makes it one of the most happening places in Europe.

Explore various pictoresque Old Town quarters, take a long ride through the luxurious residental area, enter St. Sava temple – one of the biggest orthodox churches in the world, take a glimpse at the National Theatre, the National Museum, the Federal Parliament, the University and City Hall – all with tailor-made, hop-on, hop-off bus tour!


Did you know that the ancient site where Belgrade fortress now lies is considered to be one of the oldest human settlements in Europe? The remains date back to the 7000 years BC!

Unravel the mistery of Belgrade – travel back through time and hear the echoes of a glorious past while getting caught up in its charming and passionate appeal!

The story about fortress will intrigue you and reveal how modern Belgrade emerged from this very fortification. Watch Belgrade flourish once again before your eyes as it rediscoveres its confidence!


Welcome to the world of biking: the best way to experience all sides of Belgrade in only one go. The city tour only takes about few hours including lunch, but it’s enough to convince you that this city deserves far more of your attention.

Do as the locals do, and grab a set of wheels for an active bicycle tour! Belgrade isn’t a city you’d consider “pretty”, but it makes up with things to discover. It’s been razed to the ground 44 times in its history; it’s still settling into itself, trying to find its identity.

Street art is a huge part of this. This biking tour will take you off-the-beaten-path spots where you’ll be seeing some of the city’s masterpieces created by young activists and citizens who want to brighten up their neighborhoods.


Who said driving must always be boring and numbing experience? The very favorite Serbian toy-car is back in the city traffic again with its vintage look!

You may now joke about its hilarious out-of-date design, but this piece of history has witnessed life under communism and a heap of events – it carried the corteges of the royal wedding ceremony, then became a “Brave Heart” movie set, it was used in the countless advertisements but it never complained or attempted to go out of order. People from all over the world come to Belgrade to have a true “Rise and Fall of a Nation” experience, and a FIĆA drive seems to be just the right backdrop.

The car is no longer being produced, but thousands still rumble around on Balkans roads more than 35 years after Yugoslavia’s collapse.


Saint Sava Temple is the world’s second biggest Orthodox church – a fact made entirely obvious when looking at the city skyline from distance or standing under its dome.

The church is built on the site where the Turks apparently burnt relics of St. Sava – one of the most important public figures of medieval Serbia, whose remains had allegedly been burned on that spot in 1595 by the Ottoman Sinan Pasha. Work on the church interior (frequently interrupted by civil wars) continues today.


Today, Nikola Tesla is easily considered one of the greatest inventors of all times in mankind. Not so long ago though, this Serbian scientist died a forgotten man, overshadowed in public memory by his one-time employer, Thomas Edison.

Tesla was born to orthodox Serbian parents in what is now a modern-day Croatia, but he emigrated to the U.S. as a very young man. From early age, he demonstrated the obsessiveness that would puzzle and amuse those around him. He suffered from OCDs, could store endless logarithmic tables in his brain, picked up languages super easily, and could go through days and nights on only a two hours’ sleep.


If you want to find out more about culinary history and habits of Serbian folks, you have to taste authentic food and national drinks, or in our case – the (in)famous Rakia.

Moreover, by participating in this interesting program that includes visit to for different city venues with snacks and rakia tasting, you will feel special charm and bohemian spirit of Belgrade.

While having your drinks together with finger food (protection against drunkenness), you will find out more about this “enchanting” drink – its history, ways to taste it properly, how to recognize good quality Rakia and many more tips and tricks.


Looking for an adventurous outdoor activity that exercises both body and mind? Eagar to uplift and challenge team atmosphere? Seek no more! Welcome to land of volleyball! Get ready to compete, test yourself in this exciting sport and enjoy the beautiful and untouched nature of Belgrade’s city lake!

Upon arrival, participants are separated into teams and supplied with proper equipment and instructions, as  they are about to face this uplifting activity.

The best part? One doesn’t have to be an enduring athlete to enjoy the possibility to recharge, reconnect with nature and exercise team spirit!



“Sremski Karlovci” – also known as the “Baroque City” – is the regional spiritual and cultural center, seated on the slopes of a nearby hill descending to the right bank of the Danube. The town is also well-known for its exquisite and award-winning wine labels, with a 17 centuries long tradition in wine making.

So, one of the most authentic things to do in Serbia is winetasting – soak up thousands of years of winemaking history, relax and enjoystunning enterior or take your glass outside onto the sunny patio and gaze across the pictoresque landscape. Smooth, well-balanced and unobrtusive – experts say Serbian wines are a must-taste!

Picture everything you ever wanted from a classy European city, then add a level of quirk and that laid-back attitude you won’t find anywhere but in the Balkans and voilà – you just described Novi Sad – capital of Serbia’s northern province.  This primordial beauty belongs to central Europe – both by its natural geostrategic position and cosmopolitan spirit.

Calm, gracious and easygoing, the place has all the spoils and none of the stress of the big smoke. Oh, and… Novi Sad might be home for the most sought-out summer music festival in this part of the world, but music aside – it would still be one of the most loveable travel destinations in Europe even if it were stone silent!

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